Freelance XR Unity Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with a focus on XR development using Unity C#. Over the last six years, I have had the opportunity to develop Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications with Unity. My work included R&D, product development and project management for companies with a focus on training and showcase projects development. The XR applications I developed were customized to meet the unique needs of clients in various industries, including automotive and healthcare. I have experience working with teams of various sizes and processes, and have a proven track record in delivering successful projects.

I studied video game development and digital interaction, which sparked my passion for augmented reality and virtual reality. The projects I worked on during my studies were not just work, but a source of inspiration and amazement. I have continued to pursue this passion in my professional career and am confident that mixed reality will soon become an integral part of our daily lives.

I am eager to be a part of the pioneers who are bringing this technology to society and am ready to help your company with your AR/VR projects!

Freelancing work

Award winning VR app - Ugo Dossi - "Zeichen und Wunder" museum experience

Innerspace - The cleanroom simulator

Dream2Hope VR

Commeo - XR Trade Fair Booth

Project Software Engineer at Mediasquad

VR project - Green rooftops showcase app

Shoes configurator prototype

Some of my work at RE’FLEKT

R&D projects

AR product software engineer

HoloLens AR project for Audi

Side projects

XR Dominos

Mehdi’s Plank

CT data visualizer prototype

Weekend game jam - asteroid shooter


Telegram bot - Car cost sharing


Series of articles - How to build a VR networking app with Meta Avatars using Unity networking services?

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Reference letter from RE’FLEKT


<aside> 💼 References:

Wolfgang Stelzle - CEO and founder of RE’FLEKT +49 172 10 80 663 [email protected]

Jan Heitger - Head of R&D at RE’FLEKT [+49 151 50576776](tel:+49 151 50576776) [email protected]

Christoph Sitar - CEO and founder of Mediasquad [+43 664 8547871](tel:+49 151 50576776) [email protected]



Unity Tech Art - Realistic Lighting For Game Development - Udemy course